About WonderPaint

WonderPaint was started in 1980 as American Solar Acrylics to develop and produce an energy efficient roof coating system. Throughout its history, the company has evolved and continuously developed products to solve specific problems of the building industry. The company now has a proven product portfolio of unique environmentally friendly coatings based on innovative science and chemical engineering.
Company Mission – to meet the demanding needs of today’s property owner, property manager and contractor with time-tested, environmentally safe and chemically superior products that provide long-term value (saving time and money) compared to the products generally available in the marketplace today.
Company Vision – to initially establish itself as a major brand in the paint and commercial coatings industry through the professional trades and ultimately direct to retail through major national hardware and home improvement center chains.



The Science

The chemistry behind the success of the WonderPaint product line is based on over 36 years of experience perfecting a proprietary nano-particle crosslinking chemistry that is unique to any other paint or coatings company in the marketplace today. The WonderPaint product line has been engineered to be Green and safe for the environment with some of the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) levels of any coatings company in the industry.
Crosslinking occurs when primary valence bonds are formed between separate polymer chain molecules. This science is based on colloid and particle chemistry, which scientists have been perfecting for over 200 years. Over the past 36 years, our chemists have perfected a way to use multiple crosslinking or cures to crosslink to the substrate, or to any constituent in the substrate that we feel is important for the long-term success of the product. By employing intermediate density crosslinking, our products exhibit elastomeric properties with very high strength.
This ensures that our coatings will remain extremely durable and respond to changes in the physical property of the substrate without cracking, peeling or chipping. The application of this crosslinking nano-particle chemistry along with the proprietary blending and formulation of our products results in coatings that adhere better, last longer and provide an impermeable barrier to the elements (i.e. moisture and ultraviolet rays) while remaining easy to apply and clean up (soap and water) and safe for the environment.