WonderBlock – 5 Gallon

Win the War Against Water Damage

Penetrating Protection Penetrating Protection
WonderBlock™ is a superior masonry water repellent that deeply penetrates the surface resulting in excellent surface protection from water, rain, snow and de-icing agents, significantly improving the freeze-thaw resistance. The treated surface also maintains excellent water vapor permeability and its natural appearance, protecting from mold, mildew, spalling, cracking or efflorescence by significantly reducing water absorption.
WonderBlock™ can be used to protect walkways and patios, concrete block, pavers, stucco, and porous or dense brick as well as bridge decks. WonderBlock™ can also be applied to tile and asphalt roofs to extend the life of the roof by 50% or more. WonderBlock™ is a must-have treatment for new masonry work as well as restoration and preservation projects.
Check the Product Sheet to see which products are required for proper application.


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