WonderClear – 5 Gallon

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Magnificent Multi-surface Survival Shell

WonderClear™ is a versatile topcoat with a clear base, formulated to ensure excellent adhesion on wood, metal and concrete for a finish that lasts decades, not years. And because the base is clear, WonderClear™ enhances and protects the natural beauty of the surface being treated and can be tinted on the job site using standard pigments, creating a beautiful, durable translucent finish for your project.
SUPERIOR CHEMISTRY WonderClear™ has the ideal balance of flexibility and hardness to ensure long service life. It is engineered to breath, allowing water vapor to escape while preventing liquid water from penetrating — providing protection from the damage caused by acid rain, bacteria and fungus growth, preventing unsightly stains. Plus, WonderClear™ has a unique UV package that offers protection from the harmful rays of the sun, while making it energy efficient by reflecting up to 96% of UV radiation. For all these reasons, WonderClear™ is an ideal topcoat for other WonderPaint™ products like Preventex™ and WonderCrete™.
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  1. John Guthrie, G3 Technology

    I would highly recommend these products for any applications that require strength and durability.  They are easily applied to metal, wood and concrete and gave a uniform look throughout the entire project.

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