WonderCrete – 5 Gallon

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Revive, Restore & Refinish Damaged Concrete

Keep Up Appearances
WonderCrete™ is the world’s first truly water and solvent-repellant coating for concrete, masonry and wood. When mixed with Portland cement it creates a durable and flexible polymer concrete. WonderCrete™ can protect or resurface concrete, brick, stone, stucco, asphalt, wood and metal surfaces. It can also be used to hide stains, patch damage from ice and salt and for use in unique concrete stenciling applications. Water-based and easy to apply, WonderCrete™ is a simple way to keep interior and exterior surfaces looking good for years to come. Best of all, restoring your concrete project with WonderCrete™ can save you up to ten times the cost of replacement or more!
Check the Product Sheet to see which products are required for proper application.


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Product Reviews

  1. David Baker, Floor America, Nashville, TN

    The combination of the qualities of the WonderPaint products is not seen in competitive products.  The technology behind the WonderPaint products make them extremely durable and very easy to work with which allows us to accurately predict our labor costs on every job.

  2. John Guthrie, G3 Technology

    I would highly recommend these products for any applications that require strength and durability.  They are easily applied to metal, wood and concrete and gave a uniform look throughout the entire project.

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