WonderEtch – 5 Gallon

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The Essential Masonry Resurfacing Primer

Decrease Application Time and Improve Coating Adhesion WonderEtch™ is a multipurpose etching primer and a waterless cleaner that will save you valuable time. It dries in under a minute, so you can apply a topcoat immediately. And, it’s environmentally friendly once it dries, so it doesn’t require neutralization or rinsing before applying your topcoat.
WonderEtch™ removes mold and mildew from all stone, concrete and other silica surfaces fast. Just apply, let dry and brush away the residue without needing to rinse with water.
WonderEtch™ reduces the failure rate of topcoats by creating a chemical and mechanical bond for concrete, stone, brick, tile, masonry, glass and any silica surface. It etches the aggregate of concrete which improves the topcoat’s adhesion. WonderEtch™ also sterilizes the surface and normalizes the pH as it works, completely evaporating any water on the surface as it dries, ensuring that no moisture remains to interfere with the topcoat’s bonding properties.
Check the Product Sheet to see which products are required for proper application.


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  1. David Baker, Floor America, Nashville, TN

    The combination of the qualities of the WonderPaint products is not seen in competitive products.  The technology behind the WonderPaint products make them extremely durable and very easy to work with which allows us to accurately predict our labor costs on every job.

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