WonderGlass – 24 Oz.

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24 Ounce Bottle

WonderGlass™ is a durable field-applied treatment for all glass surfaces, including architectural glass and windows. When applied to glass, the product fills any minor imperfections renewing the appearance of the surface, creating an impermeable barrier to water, solvents and pollutants found in the air. The treated glass surface will require little to no maintenance and will appear new for many years. If cleaning is needed, just spray with water and the surface is clean and clear again. WonderGlass™ is water soluble and safe for the environment.
When applied, the product bonds to the surface, locking onto and becoming part of the glass. Because the product is engineered using nano-particle chemistry, the application of WonderGlass™ creates a hydrophobic and lyophobic surface that is actually harder and more resilient than the glass it is applied to. WonderGlass™ is 100% clear and leaves no tint.
Check the Product Sheet to see which products are required for proper application.


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Product Reviews

  1. Jimmy Hosfield

    “Owning a window washing business for 12 years, I have washed lots of windows. WonderGlass is by far the best product I have ever used. It not only leaves the windows clean and spotless, they stay that way.”
    – Jimmy Hosfield, Chicago, IL

  2. Fr. David M. Wilton

    “Our stain glass windows look as clean today as when you finished the job three years ago!”
    — Fr. David M. Wilton, CPM, Superior General, Fathers of Mercy, Auburn, KY

  3. Christine C, Mount

    “I used WonderGlass on my picture window in the living room and can’t believe how clear the glass is! It’s as if the glass isn’t there!”
    — Christine C, Mount, Prospect, Illinois

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