WonderPaint – Tint Base – 5 Gallon

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A 25-Year Architectural Acrylic Urethane Paint

No Matter the Color, All Our Paint is Green. WonderPaint™ is an eco-friendly, durable, water-soluble, UV-resistant exterior coating that does not crack, peel, fade, chip or chalk over time. Environmentally friendly, simple to apply and easy to clean up with ordinary soap and water, WonderPaint™ delivers a flexible, non-fading, breathable coating that resists stains, scuffs and scratches. WonderPaint™ pays for itself with a look that remains fresh for years and years.
HOW IT WORKS The unique nano-technology of WonderPaint™ chemically bonds to the surface and provides superior UV protection. Its flexible, semi-permeable bond consistently outperforms other paints available today. When combined with WonderPrime™ using our procedures, WonderPaint™ won’t fade, crack, chip or chalk, outlasting other coatings in tests up to 15+ years. WonderPaint™…the Future is Here.
Check the Product Sheet to see which products are required for proper application.

We can color match any color! Please provide us with a color code from any major paint manufacturer or Pantone Matching system and we will mix and match your paint to spec.


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Product Reviews

  1. David Baker

    “The combination of the qualities of the WonderPaint products is not seen in competitive products.  The technology behind the WonderPaint products make them extremely durable and very easy to work with which allows us to accurately predict our labor costs on every job.”
    – David Baker, Floor America, Nashville, TN.

  2. Daniel Bilet

    “I have built my business as a problem solver for my customers mostly due to the unique qualities of the WonderPaint products. WonderPaint allows me to succeed where other contractors have failed giving me a leg-up on my competition”
    – Daniel Bilet, Bilet Resistant Systems, Nashville, TN

  3. Steve Hawkes

    “The durability and resistance to fading, chalking and staining of WonderPaint sets it apart from other products available on the market today.  There are customers’ homes I painted 10 years ago that look as if they were done last week. I just don’t get callbacks or complaints from customers when I use WonderPaint”
    – Steve Hawkes, Kruhawk Enterprises,  San Diego, CA

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