WonderRoof, Fire Retardant – 5 Gallon

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Energy-Efficient Coating for Roof Decks

Coat It and Cool It Coat It and Cool It
WonderRoof™ is a proprietary, high-quality acrylic urethane coating for roof decks. Fully resistant to acid rain, cooking fats, jet exhaust and other environmental contaminants, WonderRoof™ is ideal for industrial buildings, warehouses and other large-scale flat commercial rooftops. With high-quality fillers like silica and titanium dioxide, WonderRoof™ offers super chemical resistance and UV light reflectivity, reducing solar heat absorption by up to 96%—offering huge savings in energy usage and cooling costs, year after year. This same technology is flexible and durable, well-outlasting all other roof coatings.
Our special formulated urethane material prevents the movement and erosion that causes other roof coatings to fail. This formulation also provides the highest UV reflectancy to protect the roof while also lowering energy costs. In addition, our double-patented primer system prevents mold and mildew, further extending your roofs life.
Check the Product Sheet to see which products are required for proper application.


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Product Reviews

  1. John Guthrie, G3 Technology

    I would highly recommend these products for any applications that require strength and durability.  They are easily applied to metal, wood and concrete and gave a uniform look throughout the entire project.

  2. Daniel Bilet, Bilet Resistant Systems, Nashville, TN

    I have built my business as a problem solver for my customers mostly due to the unique qualities of the WonderPaint products.  WonderPaint allows me to succeed where other contractors have failed giving me a leg-up on my competition.

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